Family Violence:

When DA Gonzales took office in 2019, there were 20 family violence prosecutors, a backlog of 3,306 felony cases, and victims could be left waiting over a year for their case to be reviewed. This was unacceptable and unsafe.

By eliminating large numbers of low-level, non-violent drug cases, DA Gonzales was able to expand and reimagine the Bexar County Criminal District Attorney’s Felony Family Violence Division. After returning the division to its original stand-alone structure with a dedicated Division Chief, DA Gonzales expanded the division’s resources and improved they way these cases are moved through the Office. There are now 43 family violence prosecutors, the felony case backlog that existed in2019 has been eliminated, and a team of attorneys who are dedicated to felony family violence intake review all felony family violence cases in 180-days (unless there are extenuating circumstances).